Wow! Thank You for your interest in contributing to Mindfully Well! Your contributions allow us to continue supporting the mental health community by providing free or “pay-what-you-want” complementary mental health & wellness services, groups, talks, training and events.

Your contributions support our working towards offering even more complementary mental health & wellness services as well as providing a living wage to our employees, who will all have lived experience with mental health and recovery.

“We love all contributions, no matter how small. Every dollar adds up! We appreciate them all.”

Please note: Mindfully Well was founded as a Sole Proprietorship and the decision was made that it would not be registered as a Charitable Organization. This means that we don’t qualify for the funding and grants available to charities and also that we are not able to offer charitable donation receipts for your contributions. In order to register Mindfully Well as a Charitable Organization, it’s founder would have had to give up all control to a Board of Directors. After witnessing other organizations being negatively impacted by the decisions of their board members, it was determines that the benefits of becoming a Charitable Organization were not worth the risks and sacrifices.